The Standard, Introduction, basic and facial sets do not come with heaters or other Lithos Therapy accessories. You may add these items to your order if you wish.
All photos represent samples of rock instruments. Hand them as if they were precious, natural masterpieces. Like all natural substances (plant or mineral) they may have slight imperfections and flaws, they wear with time and use.

They are made from very rare, extremely high-grade, quality black marble. This raw material has an incredibly high heat capacity.
Facial Set
Basic Set
Introductory Set
Standard Set
Provides an enhanced facial.
Provides an enhanced massage.
Provides a wonderful massage or facial treatment.
Provides a wonderful massage, facial or hand and foot treatment.
 10 rocks

Treat acne or psoriasis with the chilled pieces. Reduce inflammation.
Improve the emulsifications and penetration of products.
Upgrade and have more flexibility. Save your hands.
13 rocks

Provides an enhanced massage.
Soften tight muscles.
 21 rocks

Special shapes for massaging the back area - doing trigger point work.
Deepen and expand the healing process.

41 rocks

Includes special shapes for massaging the back area, and providing a pedicure with a difference
. 190