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The sweet embrace
Tethys is the exclusive water bed, which gives extraordinary benefits and sensations.

The comfort that makes you dream

"... it seems to float among the clouds"!, this is the usual comment among those who, for therapy or simple curiosity, surrender to the fond embrace of the warm waters of the emotional tube Tethys. In a few instants, memories and feelings that get back to pre-native phase appear in mind: the maternal embrace, the eternal dream of man to be able to fly without weight in the endless space. The musculature streches completely, thecolumn is stretched as well, the mind is emptied, and the body abandons to the benefic action of the hay, the mud or of any other active principle.

Relax and harmony
Fluctuating on its sweet waves, the user surrenders to an unusual suggestion that gives relax and harmony. Tethys proposes an original technique of treatment for the application of natural products like: hay, medicinal grasses, bran, emulsion milk-essential oils, algas, vineyard, muds, lime, clay, preparation of water and salts. Tethys approaches to himself, it gives the key to find again the psico-phisycal comfort lost in the frenzy of the daily life.