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Vapour fashion
Nebula is a product with en elegant contemporary design, conceived to provide well-being. All shower and hamam functions are integrated in an elegant structure made of steel and glass. An experience that is hard to describe. For you.

The winning idea 
The traditional bath tube today is very often substituted with the faster and more practical shower. So the best designer of bathroom spaces have recently created many performing solutions: big plates of different shape and with many functions, shower cabins very well equipped with incorporated blowers fro hydromassage, immission of steam and much more. All of this not necessarily to reduce spaces, in fact these showers very often occupy more space than the traditional bath tubes.

Polisem, to satisfy the demand of these products, created an Hammam solution with incorporated shower. In the space of a shower cabin there is a structure which at frist sight may only appear as a beautiful door with its frame, but that can become a real hammam / Turkish bath / calidarium, with its shower.