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Slimming Spa
Katharsys Professional, our most important product. An exclusive cabin to offer slimming and wellness programs, and to fight against fatty deposits adiposities and cellulitis, in a refined environment, where, alone or in company, being able to make all the treatments of the ancient Roman thermae.

Polisem has thought of something absolutely unique for design and functionality, a system to combine the benefits of traditional treatments in a modern and professional manner through a computerized system. All the virtues and benefits of mud treatments, Roman sauna, steam bath, with the action of enchanting aromas colors and music, all condensed in an exclusive and refined cabin. Minimum space, maximum results in absolute relax. Katharsys with its captivating design is a must, a new effective concept for wellness. A technologically advanced product, an elegant spa, wit a valuable and indisputable Made in Italy charm.

Katharsys is a thermal suite occupying only four square meters, planned to be easily installed in any space and surrounding. Katharsys combines excellent performances for wellness, together with relaxing colors, aromas and sounds, reproducing the ancient Roman thermae atmosphere. The combination of temperature and humidity makes Katharsys and excellent antistress machine, by activating the healing properties of natural thermal mud through bioclimatic changes, giving life to this revolutionary method for mud application.