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Over the hydromassage
With sweetness and vigor the intermittent jets of Hydro invigorate and relax: vital impulses, flows of foamy little bubbles and nebulised drops of air act on the whole body, eliminating the traces of stress.

Heat, Water, Air
An action combined of heat, water and air makes the tub Hydro a potential" concentration" of therapeutic properties. The shattering of small fillets of water that melt with air gives origin to a flow of foamy little bubbles and nebulised drops. Reaching the body, they stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation, they soften the contractures and relax.

Effervescent relaxation
The body relaxes, the muscles decontract: you will be immersed in the vortex of the tub Hydro, ideal complement to the thermal treatments based on heat and steam. To dive in its foamy little bubbles means to cuddle every fiber of your body, to reactivate the natural circulation of the body liquids, and to quickly feel regenerated.

Treatments, Salt's baths, Hydrotherapy, Chrome-aromatic baths.