Hydrotherapy Vichy shower

Astorlab Vichy Shower

Each of its five chrome-plated, solid-brass shower heads is fitted with a volume-control valve and a ball joint for indivi
dual adjustment.

The seven foot long stainless steel shower arm easily spans the length of a treatment table. Can be pivoted to the side to prevent annoying dripping on the client. Also allows water temperature to be set while the client is lying down.

Includes cabinet-mounted hand shower, featuring push-button pause control.

Easily installed, this system is surface mounted with typical 1/2 inch supply lines stubbed out from the wall.

An affordable, elegant piece of equipment for the enjoyment of clients and employees alike.

Vichy Shower Features :

  1. Affusion Shower with 5 Adjustable Heads
  2. Stainless Steel Structure
  3. Acrylic ABS Massage Table with Stainless Steel Foot, Mattress, Pillow
  4. Water Compressor
  5. Adjustable Pressure Bar > 5 Bars
  6. Automatic Control
  7. Thermostic Mixer
  8. Hot & Cold water input
  9. ¾ inch taps
  10. Separated Hand Spray Shower
  11. Separate Control Table for easy maneuverability.
  12. Equipment is fitted with Grundfos pump.


  • Table base and top, Hydro-bonnet
  • Massage converter mat in Cream or Jade

  • 6 showerhead Hydro-Kinetic Vichy Shower Unit

  • Closed cell, all-foam pad

  • Tilting facespace in Cream or Jade

  • Wet spa bolster in gray only, Non-slip floor mat