Hydrotherapy Bath tub

A Professional concept at your hand
So as to develop the use of hydrotherapy and its benefits as well, we have recently created a new unit, offering the main advantage of the big professional units, but under a very affordable condition. This promotion being in view to develop hydrotherapy- balneotherapy facing the competition of Jacuzzi market which do not present any interest or special therapy excepted air bubble systems.

This hydrobath is delivered with the following accessories and fitting

  • Pump grundfoss 2Kw, pressure 3 bar , 18M/h
  • Multi zone drainage motor
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Adjustable Air water flow
  • Adjustable Air/Ozone (120 perforations)


  • Intermittent/wave effect
  • Disinfection rinsing, drying system
  • Optional systems
  • Tummy massage, under water massage, chromotherapy


  • 40 Air-Water jets
  • 2 Rotating jets directed to things
  • 120 Ozone perforations

6 sequences starting from the legs, moves up to the thighs, the hip, tummy and the back and then the back, finishing the cycle with a full-body message, before starting back to sequence 1.
So as to insist on a critical zone, the jet position can be stopped to Any of the level by pressing the drainage key on the control panel

Air is sent from the heating -air turbine through the 40 air-water jets from network.
The power is fully adjustable from the control panel, either to increase the flow either to reduce the flow

An other air -ozone turbine is connected to the 120 perforations located on the bottom of the tub. The flow is fully adjustable from the control panel, either to increase the flow either to reduce the flow.

20M3/h - 2.5 bar powerful pump system , allowing to adjust water flow from the minimum to its maximum pressure from the control panel. This great advantage will give you the possibility to adjust the pressure according to needs.

Connected on the high pressure network through a ¾ inch high flow value, the lance is used for any kind of underwater body massage.

A telescopic ramp allows to connect tummy massage to the sub- marine lance. The orientation of tummy massage is fully adjustable to any position


Revolutionary technology , using the energetic properties and vibratory of colors, involving favorable physiological reactions needed for health. Transmission by optic fiber is the only way to transmit the frequency without alteration.(we recommend you to seek advice from a professional therapeutics)


  • No Water retention. Dosing disinfecting pump
  • Regulation and disinfection dosage is monitored by micro-processor pump
  • Water is sent through the water network(jets)
  • Then water is sent through ozone network
  • The dosing pump release disinfectant to the first water network
  • After few second the first water circuit is rinsed
  • The pomp release disinfectant to the lower circuit(ozone network)
  • This network is rinsed after few second
  • The 2 air turbine starts so as to dry the whole network
  • A main purge release any remaining water into the system.

Adjustable foot bar
Sub- marine lance
Jets and chromotherapy beams
Rotating jets
Ergonomical back
Brass chromed taps
Controle panel
All jets