A warm embrace…

Practice deriving from Scandinavian countries it is designed to ensure health and long life to the body, psychic wellness, sense of peace and relaxation all at the same time.

Taking advantage of dry heat and high temperature (80-110°C) it induces intense perspiration into the body which dilates pores, eliminates toxins, improves muscular tone and gives clear cardiovascular benefits.

The climate of the sauna is recommended for the care of chronic rheumatism, alleviating arthritic pain and above all for strengthening the immune system preventing inflammations, influenzas and colds.

Our saunas are fitted with a wooden door with central porthole or panoramic door in tempered glass and can be fitted with windows of any size, with chromo therapy and music therapy.

With the fitting of a special heater with integrated vaporiser which frees effluents of the most effective officinal herbs, we obtain Bio sauna where there is a milder temperature (60-70°C) and a higher humidity (40%) than in the sauna. These characteristics create a relaxing bio climate within the Bio sauna which is ideal for heating the body slowly inducing a beneficial cardio-circulatory activity and delightful cleansing of the respiratory tract, skin and hair.