Aroma Bath
Herbal Bad
Thermel Cave

Combination of tradition and innovation..
These fittings re-propose the concept of bioclimatology already known at the times of Termae Romanae.The Roman thermal routine started with the Laconicum, continued with the Calidarium, Tepidarium, to end with the Frigidarium.

Thanks to technological innovation and the continuous research of ideas, the traditional architectonic system is today re-proposed renewed and enhanced in our booths.Each room is fitted with its own bio-climate designed and controlled to create an oasis of peace where heat is the absolute protagonist with its regenerating and healthy effects.With a form and style that is adaptable to your needs and tastes, our booths are built in a self-supporting structure with special insulating panels.Each detail is cared for to create a functional environment and visual impact. The panoramic door in tempered glass gives particular light and airiness.

The fibre optic lighting recreates a starry sky in its charm and brings the benefits of the chromo therapy.The diffusion of music and sounds actively stimulates the mind giving way harmoniously to psychophysical relaxation. The careful choice of the finishes is the natural conclusion of our innovative project transforming our booths into true places of wellness.